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Our Farm

We reside and cultivate on this land, cherishing the art of growing crops. Our farm boasts and orchard of apple and peach trees, a patch for strawberries and pumpkins, all nestled in the tranquil Halton Hills countryside. Our values of family and creating lasting memories are evident on our farm, where we’ve taught our children and grandchildren the importance of tending animals, horseback riding, playing in the fields, and jumping on hay mounds.

Don’t miss our 19th century barn and silo that have been revitalized with breathtaking artwork by Kristen Waterford. Our Marketplace is filled with delightful discoveries, handcrafted gifts, and seasonal décor. We welcome you and hope you love our farm as much as we do


Enjoy the Farm Market/ Bakery and Café at no charge

Hours of Operation:

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Saturday– Sunday

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Thursday – Sunday

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Friday – Sunday

Entrance Fees

ENTER OUR FUN BARNYARD AT NO CHARGE FOR THE MONTH OF JULY! * Purchase a ticket for the train ride for $3.50* 

Daily $7 per person + HST

Children under 5 and Seniors $5.00

Personal support workers Free with Clients

Trian Rides available hourly from 10-5 weekends and 11-2 weekdays, first come first served)

Photographers and Drones (Mon-Fri only)

All photographers are required to purchase a Photography Permit $100 and schedule time slots with the Farm Manager

Drones: Please check with management prior to takeoff